Sometimes book-breakups are worse than real ones.

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This past summer, I realized after finishing Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, that I don’t know how to cope when I complete a good book.

This novel in particular really struck me in the heart, as it did for many other readers; and after closing the last page, I simply did not know what to do with myself.

I sat alone in my room for hours just reliving scenes over and over in my head. I even thought to myself, wow, I will never read another piece of literature this amazing in my life ever again.

Of course…

Traditional Farming practices are being put to rest by beginning advances in agricultural technology. Vertical farming is the practice of growing produce in vertically stacked layers. This innovative system can use soil, hydroponic or aeroponic growing methods. Vertical farms make an effort to produce food in challenging environments where arable land is rare or even unavailable. Indoor vertical farming is revolutionizing the way we produce food. Through the use of vertically stacked rows of crops, UV light fixtures, recyclable nutrient water, and filtered air, fresh produce can be manufactured locally. These systems can utilize varying techniques of farming such as…

A Poem

I am falling and withering

Away from the tree I once thrived in.

Tumbling, twisting, turning in the wind

Who carries me toward shorter days — taller nights.

I can remember a time, not so long ago, I was whistling

Through a much warmer breeze, easily swaying in the sunniest

Hours of laughter and more chlorophyll than I’ve ever seen, so green

Were we all in that tree. No need to hide as we do now, trying to hold tight

To the weak branches, the very few left. The rest of them struggling, but I’m already

Gone, taken by the…

Snow Leopards

Cats have remained at the top of my list for favorite types of animals throughout my entire life. Any kind, wild or domestic, seemed to relentlessly catch my eye. During the mandatory library trips teachers used to send us on in elementary school, I would always end up checking out a book on a different breed of cat. When I was done reading about them, I’d create a mental label and file the cat into the ever-growing cabinet in my brain. Looking back now, I never thought I’d do anything with this information.

As I headed into my teenage years…

In the summer of 2018, I took a family trip to Colorado. I was accompanied by my boyfriend Tony, my dad James, my stepmom Sarah, and her parents. We flew out of Newark airport and arrived in Denver near the afternoon; the time difference threw us off slightly. Once we rented a van for all of us and made it to our place for the week, we were already stunned, to say the least. The scenery was breathtaking. I was particularly excited for Tony and Sarah’s parents since they’ve never been to the midwest prior to the trip. During that…

When referring to people who suffer from a mental illness, the term encompasses anyone who is diagnosed with a disorder in which the symptoms negatively affect their everyday lives. Mental illness is a broad term for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and a number of other classifications. These disorders are brought on by factors outside of individual control, such as environment, physical health, and genetics. People who experience these issues seek help and guidance through our healthcare system from institutions that provide services like therapy, psychiatry, and in some cases, hospitalization. The implications of…

Within Zora Neale Hurston’s, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the protagonist, Jaine, embarked on a miraculous journey to find love. Ultimately, love is found, yet what was more important for Janie’s character development was her self discovery. Throughout the novel, Janie struggled through three drastically different marriages. With each marriage, Hurston utilized Janie’s clothing as a visual milestone in where she was mentally and/or physically with each relationship. Each specific stand-out item of clothing represented where Janie was in her search to feel love, as well as a representation of the way she was treated.


“If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices!” (Lowry, 1993, p. 97). Lois Lowry’s The Giver depicts a seemingly perfect world that participates in an ideology referred to as “sameness” within her novel. The novel performs extremely well in the sense that it builds a vivid world, yet simultaneously leaves just enough room for the reader’s imagination. Throughout the novel, the third person omniscient perspective follows the protagonist, Jonas on his journey to adulthood. In the community (and surrounding communities) he lives in, once reached a certain age, all the children attend a ceremony where their career is chosen…

Since YouTube was first launched in 2005, the company has evolved into something much bigger than what it was intended to be. YouTube is more than just a site for the public to post videos on. The platform helped push people to show off their abilities and allow their voices to be heard in a viral way.

The Google-owned website has become a place for visual entertainment sources and a feeding hole for advertising companies. Many, what are called ‘YouTubers’ today, withhold a generous amount of subscribers and multiplying viewers. …

It’s hard to remember a time without YouTube. The social media platform has been running and prospering for about 12 years now. YouTube has manifested itself as one of the largest online companies with approximately 30 million people visiting the site each day. The company has grown into such an empire and has allowed people to be exposed to a plethora of information and entertainment in the form a video.

It all started with three regular guys — Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley — who worked for what was a small, and developing company at the time, PayPal

Kayla Marino

University of Delaware ’21 English Major and Environmental Humanities minor.

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